For decades we have blindly shipped recycled materials off to Asia with little to no duty of care by the government, industry and consumers alike.

In 2018 China raised their “Green Wall” leading to a growing mountain of waste resembling images of a third world country, across every major centre in NZ.

To date no viable solutions are being developed by government or industry to deal with the emerging end of life crisis in NZ.

The solution lies in collaboration between government, industry leaders, waste stream infrastructure and the rise of the conscious consumer.

We aim to provide services and alternative packaging solutions with a focus on Bio and Fibre Based constructions.

our revolution

A Different Approach

We are a collective of leaders and experts from the Printing and Packaging Industry who have left corporate life to challenge the norm. 

We liaise with the entire supply chain to ensure the demands of todays environmental concerns are met, whilst paving the way for new technologies to ensure real results for a better tomorrow.

responsible business

Our focus is on solutions that lead to a true circular economy, replacing plastics with environmentally conscious coatings and laminations, blended with certified paper mills, printers, converters, waste collection and recycling. 

We aim to re-educate people on the myths of Recycling, ECO, BIO and Compostable marketing and what we all need to do to have a positive impact on the environment.

OUR Offering


supply chain evaluation

We work with you to help identify opportunities within your business to improve your footprint and strengthen your brand image


Supply chain management

We have a solution based network with broad reach to market to distribute your product efficiently



We have developed a range of innovative products that replace plastics whilst protecting your product and the consumer from contaminated substances


paper converting

Highly configurable paper and board solutions for the food and industrial segments.



Home Compostable – Bio-based polybutylene succinate and Biodegradable Plastic.

functional coatings

We have developed coatings suitable for a range of environmentally leading substrates that eliminate the need for plastic. 


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